About Us

Getting to Know Elissa...

  • How did you come to organizing as a professional?
    I spent years working in administrative support positions, and found the organizational tasks were always where I was able to shine. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to tackle a difficult space and see the results in just a few hours.
  • How many years do you have in this profession?
    I've been organizing professionally since 2007
  • What keeps you going when things are hard?
    The clients keep me going when it's hard! I really value the relationships and friendships forged, as short or long as they may be. It's critical to give people a sense of resolution and to deliver what I know can be life-changing outcomes.
  • What events in your life have motivated you toward organizing and helping others?
    I have a strong background in both child development and mental health/neurodiversity, and I believe that's the backbone of what I do. It informs every step of my process; I want your mental health cared for the entire time we're working, and beyond.
  • What are some things you want people to know about you?
    I honestly care about you. Yes, you! I want to deliver a process that makes you feel heard, seen, and attended to in areas where we all struggle. No job is too complex; I've done work from serious hoarding jobs to quite organized but overcrowded spaces. I seek out clients who need the kind of help I can give: a holistic mind & space clearing process.

I really look forward to connecting with you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me.